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We have listed frequently asked questions in order to provide users useful information to help utilize this database easily.

Q1) What is the purpose of HanwooGDB?

HanwooGDB has been established to provide researchers genetic variants information like SNP found in Korean Native Cattle (local name: Hanwoo) from next generation sequencing data. As Hanwoo has a considerable economic value in Korea, genomic database about Hanwoo will be useful in Korea. 

Q2) How can I get raw sequence files?

In Gbrowser page, you can see option box on the top of the page and get raw sequence files about the chromosomal region you have designated. 

Q3) Can I get gene annotation information in this database?

You can’t get gene annotation information directly in this database, but you can access ensemble database about the gene you interest in by clicking link (gene name) on browser page.

Q4) Can’t I save the result from Gbrowser into image files?

We provide ‘Snapshot’ function. You can export the result into image files by using this function.

Q5) What are the differences between browser and Gbrowser menu?

While browser provides users information about SNPs location and annotation on the gene they belong to, Gbrowser provides information about genomic features such as genetic diversity on the region users interest in.

Q6) I need more information about this database. What can I do?

You can contact us by email. Email address can be acquired on ‘Contact Us’ menu. Feel free to question about this database.